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De-Fi Yield Farming. Redefined.

We provide members with a sophisticated, algorithmic system to generate hourly farming rewards on staked BNB assets. The entire process is automated & managed on your behalf.

Stake in a few clicks & earn BNB yields with our auto-farming technology. Farming rewards are automatically distributed to your wallet each hour.

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Don't just HODL your crypto. Grow it.

1. Stake

We have plans to suit all members. You can stake your BNB from only 0.1 BNB. Your position is then activated to start farming.

2. Farm

Take advantage of our auto-farming technology & start receiving De-fi profits each hour. You can also boost the speed and DPY. (daily percentage yield)

3. Cycle

Re-stake & cycle your position again. Each cycle will more than double your BNB. Grow your BNB profits even faster with no limits!

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BNB Profits On The Hour. Every Hour.

The De-fi sector is exploding right now & is one of the biggest growth drivers for members who want to accumulate more crypto.

Members gain access to our auto-farming technology where you can stake your assets in our liquidity pool from only 0.1 BNB & watch its growth performance in realtime.

You'll also have access to our optional boost feature. This delivers rewards with more speed and at the highest yields possible.

Discover the potential of your idle assets & stake your BNB today.

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Calculate Your Earnings

Select an amount to stake

0.10 BNB

≈ $30.57

0.25 BNB

≈ $76.43

0.50 BNB

≈ $152.86


≈ $305.73

2.50 BNB

≈ $764.32


≈ $1528.63

10 BNB

≈ $3057.27

25 BNB

≈ $7643.16

50 BNB

≈ $15286.33

100 BNB

≈ $30572.65

You will receive
≈ $
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Crowdfarming Technology

Why let your assets sit idle, when you can put them to work for you?

We provide members with an innovative De-fi yield farming system that will generate automated profits on your BNB assets.

By strategically placing them in interest generating DApps and exchanges, your assets will earn a steady and passive income in BNB.

Stake your BNB in our high yield liquidity pool, sit back and watch your profits roll in each hour.

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Get started today with our automated system and take your BNB game to the next level. Enjoy our high velocity DeFi yield farming technology, with BNB dividend splits every hour.

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